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Tumour Mapping

drug effects

drug distribution

growth delay

Multilayered Cell Culture

effect-based assay

flux-based assay

direct visualization

Tumour Mapping

microregional drug effect:
assays for mapping a number of biological markers relative tumour vasculature.

drug distribution relative vasculature:
direct evaluation of drugs relative tumour vasculature.

standard growth delay and cell survival:
standard growth delay and cell survival assay for drugs on their own and in combination with radiotherapy

Multilayered cell culture

effect-based assay:
allows for evaluation of drug penetration without required direct visualization of the drugs through antibody detection or radiolabelling. This method is fast and simple and does not require explicit knowledge of drug-cell interactions in order to assess drug penetration.

flux-based assay:
used to compare the relative flux through tissue of drug analogues. If enough is known of the drug-cell interactions (binding, metabolism, sequesterization etc.) data can be used to predict the impact of changing pharmacokinetics on drug penetration and distribution in solid tumours.

direct visualization of drug penetration:
allows for evaluation of drug penetration under controlled exposures avoiding complications of plasma pharmacokinetics, liver metabolism, serum binding etc.. When applicable this is the fastest and most direct way to evaluate drug penetration.